Socks' Kin List

My kins. If they don't have something like (2 timelines) beside them I only have one for that specific kin.


Selfhood/Literally me irl

benry - hlvrai (5 timelines)

ID Kins

steven universe - steven universe (before future/change your mind/the movie)
spongebob from seasons 1-3
nico di angelo - riordanverse


Primary Kins

snufkin - moomins (2 timelines)
benry - hlvrai
tommy - hlvrai
herobrine - minecraft
jeremy - bmc
evan - dear evan hansen
pearl - steven universe
peridot - steven universe
dipper - gravity falls
classic sonic - sonic the hedgehog
papyrus - undertale
alphys - undertale
monster kid - undertale
frisk - undertale
the onceler - the lorax (2012)


Secondary Kins

gman - mix of valve and hlvrai
charles - henry stickmin
doug rattman - portal
jamie - steven universe
wakko - animaniacs
brain - pinky and the brain
sans from undertale